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The word ”VASINICOLA” Means “THE BASIL “ in the  Neapolitan dialect.
It is an ancient term which derives from the Greek word “Vazilikon”, this exact word refers to another ancient terminology: “Vasilias” that means “King”.
Basil is a very important ingredient and a well known healthy herb with an amazing perfume that represents the real Mediterranean cuisine. We have chosen the word ” Vasinikò” to aim of freshness, of summer and intense aroma like all our pizzas of our new London pizza restaurant. We are committed to serve you one of the best original Neapolitan pizza in London!

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  • We use locally daily UK sourced veg and raw material so your pizza will be always fresh
  • We use Natural sourdough and High quality italian flours
  • We use the special “biga pizza method “ so you will taste the real neapolitan pizza flavor
  • Sponge dough ( we use a preferment to create our pizza dough )
  • 36h long leavening dough
  • Highly digestible
  • Made by Italian pizza chefs in London
  • Alveolated pizza borders
  • Fragrant and very delicious
  • We offer the true neapolitan pizza in London
  • We have 6 “Vasinikò” pizza places in Italy!
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